Jordy Rooijakkers  |  |  +316 22020210

Interactive Light Emitting Textile

2009 - 2010

23 Weeks

EE Labels

I developed an interactive, light emitting textile. This textile has the characteristics of any other textile, like softness and flexibility, but it can light up by the integrated LEDs. By applying pressure to the textile, internal sensors can measure the pressure and give a reaction like in this case a change of color. This makes the fabric a combination of a sensor and actuator at the same place.

To explore the possibilities a light-emitting curtain has been created, after which an internship took place which focused on the manufacturability of the textile. The outcome of the manufacturing process was applied in a lamp which had been designed to affect the atmosphere of your living room. It adapts itself to changes in light intensity as well as to pressure changes in the textile. It reacts by changing its appearance, in this case by changing between red and green light.